S&D Simulation can provide you with a world-class marketing and promotional concept to be utilised in either the educational, leisure or corporate market sectors. We can offer you the most exciting way of reinforcing your advertising and communications campaigns. Our futuristically styled simulators offer a number opportunities for the creative marketer. Futuristic shape and design draw the crowds, making it the world's most exciting billboard, putting any special branding or livery right in the public eye. There is no more an exciting advertising medium than an action-packed ride - the target audience can become totally immersed in the brand, the best possible message retention.

The technology used in our simulators finds its roots in the simulation used in the aerospace sector, although during the past decade it has extended its scope into leisure, education and more recently into the field of corporate branding. A simulator is much more than entertainment, it is also extremely effective as a marketing tool, communication or educational tool. The simulators ability to convey a message combined with its audiovisual impact make it a truly outstanding.

When applied to the business sector this technology can be used as the flagship of launch campaigns for all types of product or indeed for any product advertising, sales promotion or brand awareness campaign. It can also play a role in the educational sector as a revolutionary mobile classroom bringing the most valuable messages closer to the population.

At the forefront of the latest technology, simulation is the most efficient way of transmitting a unique experience, offering in turn a moving display of your brand with unprecedented audiovisual impact. Our latest project for AstraZeneca, the 'atheropod' simulator demonstrated the cause and effect of atherosclerosis where the rider was taken on a cardiovascular voyage through the arteries.

This is an example of a simulators use as a communication tool where we can provide a full service package to include concept development from artistic conception to integral design. We can create custom experience content, using either computer animated or real filmed images or a combination of both, in order that the desired effect in your message, advertisement or corporate image can be achieved. We can externally brand the simulator as required. We then operate the simulator on your behalf wherever required, with the events attended chosen to match your target demographics, guaranteeing high visibility with the most appropriate audiences.

For a longer term campaign, you could consider sponsoring one of our simulators such as Sony did for the launch of the PlayStation & PlayStation 2 consoles. This would involve us attending a selection of our usual high-profile public shows & events which are chosen with a view to targeting your key demographic. The general public then pay individually to ride the simulator which either shows one of our library experiences such as a rollercoaster ride or a bespoke experience which you have commissioned. The revenue drawn from the public is then used to subsidising the overall cost of the campaign.

Whichever solution is right for you, you can be assured that your brand or message will be in the right place at the right time standing out amongst all others. Your company will stand out from the crowd. In comparison to the cost of conventional media, the cost efficiency of a simulator exceeds any competitor. When placed in the right context its capacity to involve and communicate is unique, with its spectacular image and constant presence making it an exclusive mobile advertisement that is extremely efficient. If you would like to discuss a solution for your organisation, please call our office on the number above and one of our team would be delighted to speak to you. Alternatively please complete the contact form and we will be in touch to discuss.

AstraZeneca Simulator

AstraZeneca Atheropod Simulator

S&D Simulation - Disney Witch Mountain Simulator

Disney Race to Witch Mountain Simulator

S&D Simulation - AstraZeneca Simulator

AstraZeneca Atheropod Simulator

S&D Simulation - Sony Playstation Simulator

Sony PlayStation Simulator