We know people enjoy excitement and thrills, we want to experience riding in fast cars, high-speed motor cycles, roller coasters or in fighter jets. The natural human curiosity and lust for thrills mean that everyone can enjoy an experience on board a simulator. A simulator is a safe and flexible entertainment attraction that can take you on ride of a lifetime. Our simulators are based on sophisticated technology developed for multi-million pound flight simulators used by Astronauts, Airline Pilots and Jet Fighter Crews.

Integrating acceleration and G-forces, from a high performance three or six axis motion system, with a point of view image displayed on a big screen which is enhanced by DVD quality sound.

The Renault F1 Team Simulator

Formula 1 racing experiences have been available in the simulator world for many years, but only ever as a choice of experience alongside others. This gave the Renault Formula One Team management the inspiration to take this a step further and commission a simulator specifically in support of their team. Utilising one of our ultra-modern Morphis simulators, we have created an immersive Renault F1 Team experience where you can ride with Fernando Alonso around the legendary Barcelona track, Circuit de Catalunya. The simulator is fully branded with the corporate sponsors, being instantly recognisable as Renault F1. We even have a Renault Magnum tractor unit to transport the simulator, this being branded in the same way as those which are used to transport the actual race cars from one Grand Prix to another. As well attending the European Grand Prix’s where the simulator is of course enjoyed by F1 racing fans, it attends many other motor sport events throughout the UK & Europe where it is popular with the public at large. When not operational elsewhere, the Renault F1 Team Simulator can also be hired to attend any form of corporate or private event.

The Eurofighter Typhoon Simulator

The Eurofighter Typhoon Simulator was commissioned by Eurofighter GmbH, the Munich based consortium in which British Aerospace is a major partner. This Morphis simulator uses state of the art motion and audio visual technology that allows an audience of up to 20 people to participate in the experience of a flight in the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.

The simulator itself is mounted on a specialised trailer that houses all the on-board power and support systems to allow the unit to operate, self contained, at a wide range of indoor and outdoor venues.

This simulator has been highly received at many events, including the Paris, Berlin and Farnborough International Air Shows. All riders have all enjoyed this unique experience!
The highly realistic simulation is achieved through precision correlation of a powerful hydraulic motion system with a point of view film shot from the actual aircraft. As with all of our simulators, it has been of great interest to the general public and particularly those with an interest in aviation.

Using digital sound and video together with hydraulic control over the viewing environment the simulator is able to reproduce an experience second only to the real thing.

S&D Simulation - Renault F1 Team Simulator

The Renault F1 Team Simulator

S&D Simulation - Eurofighter Simulator

The Eurofighter Typhoon Simulator

S&D Simulation - AstraZeneca Simulator

AstraZeneca Atheropod Simulator

S&D Simulation - Disney Witch Mountain Simulator

Disney Race to Witch Mountain Simulator